Should I finish the food left on my kids plates?!

Question: Should I finish the food left on my kids plates?
I am a health conscious mother of 3 who hates wasting food. Most of the times, the kids do not finish what is on their plates... so rather than dishing myself one too, I wait until they finish and then eat the left overs. I've tried experimenting with different size portions, but it's hit or miss when it comes to them wanting more. Any ideas?


Let anybody over the age of 5 dish their own food, being very clear that what they take they must eat. They are little people who need to learn accountability for their actions and this is a way of doing that (there will be a mistake or two in the beginning -use your judgment).
It will also teach table manners. They will have to learn restraint and sharing, by not taking too much of what they consider the best thing on the table. I raised 2 kids and did not force them to eat what they hated, but they were obliged to eat what they TOOK. It is a learning process that needs some guidance in the beginning. If you do not want your children to grow up wasteful, begin to teach them as soon as you can about accountability.

Let your kids serve their own plates, so they only get what they want to eat. Or, if you MUST serve their plates, put tiny dabs of each item.

If you want to get fat, keep eating your kids' leftovers. Otherwise, you deserve a fresh plate, and they deserve a mom who will sit at the table with them and model manners and dinner conversation. Finally, let them scrape their own plates in the garbage. Yes, a few bites of food will be wasted. Or, you can eat it... and it will be "waist-ed." Your choice.

your conscious is right, we should not waste food, and what u did is right, but u should not satisfy only with left overs. You should eat a healthy and sufficient diet for your self too. you should make your kids understand the importance of food we eat.

I think you should be eating with your children. It teaches them the importance of family time. Try dishing their plates in smaller amounts and encourage them to ask for more if they want it.

yes, but dont over eate and try to encourage them to eat it or take less at a time

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