16th Birthday Party Ideas??? Please Help!?!

Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas??? Please Help!?
So I'm turning 16 in two months and now that it's the new year I've been thinking about what I should do... I could either have a small party with my closest friends (like 7 people), a slightly larger one (12 people), or a big one (roughly 48 people). I feel like my numbers are too big for a small awesome party and too small to rent a hotel and have a big awesome party. Any ideas?
I was thinking renting a party room at the Melting Pot for a smaller one... Or there's a really awesome sushi restaurant in my area that has party rooms for 50 people. I feel like renting a hotel ballroom and having a dance thing would be a lot of work and I don't have hundreds of people I want at my party. My school is really really small so there aren't many more to invite!
Of course, my original awesome plan to have it at Chuck E Cheese's got killed when the place closed down :(
Does any one have any ideas for a 16th party that is my size that isn't like an average dance and drink punch party? I like activity parties like ice-skating and stuff... so old-fashioned :P haha
Cost isn't really an issue, but obviously nothing ridiculous like renting a helicopter or whatever.
The last birthday party I had was my 13th, and before that I had them every year. For my 13th we had a mall scavenger hunt, then dinner at PF Changs then dropped everyone (about 14 people) off in a hummer limo. It was super fun, but I don't think I want another limo unless someone has an amazing original idea.

Thanks so much!


you could go to a concert in a limo
i like the sushi idea
don't do the dancing thing; what if people stop dancing? that's awkward.

This site has party themes and ideas..
answer mine please.??

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