18th birthday party club/bar recommendations?!

Question: 18th birthday party club/bar recommendations?
Heya, I sorta have two questionss...
1) Anyone know of any bars/clubs in and around the london/ essex area that are available to hire and allow 18th birthday parties with some 17 year old's attending?

I'm guessing the answer to the above question is no...as I've searched myself and not had much luck! In that case on to question number two...

2) recommendations for the best clubs/bars to visit with a small group of 18yr olds, (that may offer a free private hire booth or table)??

Thankyou x


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just go shopping in NYC! then have cool clubs!

it is illegal for bars or clubs to let anyone under the age of 21 in because thes eplaces usually serve alcohol.

go to a skating rink or bowling. more fun

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