What can i do besides a sweet 16?!

Question: What can i do besides a sweet 16?
i dont want to have a sweet 16 party, but i want to do something w. my friends. i have a beach house in new jersey and for my past birthdays my friends spent the night at my beach house. i want to do something different for my 16th birthday, but i cant think of any good ideas. i was thinking of renting a house for a few nights with my friends by our selfs but we all think our parents wont let us. and one of my friends wants to go to the city for a few nights for her 16th party so i cant do that idea. can someone please help me out? my birthday isnt until july but i want to start thinking now so if i have to plan ahead i can. theres 7 of us including me please help me out i cant do anything too expensive. thank you!


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How about renting a hotel suite for one night?? You could go to a really cool hotel and go to a fancy dinner and go swimming/ hot tubbing later on. Maybe you could pick one down the shore so you can wake up the next day and hit the beach?

do a hotel party get a room for a night and decorate it and play games and stuff..

answer mine please..

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