Im having a sleepover tonight!?!?!

Question: Im having a sleepover tonight!?!?
Ok im 13 and my friend is 14. She is coming over in maybe an hour or an hour and 1/2 what are some good sleepover ideas i want to pull an all nighter but i alwas get tierd i need ideas please and thank you


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two truths one lie (someone says two things that are true and one that is a lie and you geuss blablabla) never have i ever (someone says something theyve never done and if youve done it you drink lol doesnt have to be alcohol) watch youtube videos. gossip best part of any sleepover. board games, twister, make a video if you have a camera or have a photoshoot. tv duuh, and lots of sugary foods to stay awake. thats all i can think of! :)

Make popcorn caramel balls

Get some mad lib games..or play board games, Pictionary, Apples to Apples, Uno...or just a deck of cards to play War, Crazy 8's (look on web for game instructions and other card games).

Watch tv and movies, listen to music

Start cutting out hearts and plan a Valentine's party for a few some research together and get creative

Make a dessert cream sundaes or brownies, cupcakes, cookies

Make some dough ornaments for your Valentine's party....using this recipe and a heart-shaped cookie cutter:…

also: Valentine crafts for teens>>…

Watch movies, and play games, talk, and you can bake cupcakes! I do this all the time with my sister and she is 14. And can also try telling stories. And listen to music together. :)

I eat alot of pixie stixs, cookies, ships, and then turn on music, and dance! It sound kinda lame, but it is really fun if you r the fun lively type.

each one of you make a video. post it on youtube. whoever gets the most views wins!

sleepovers 101

watch something in the laptop and talk about boys who u both think r hot and play fun games lol

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