Birthday party question!! :)?!

Question: Birthday party question!! :)?
hey! for a 13th birthday, is a party in my backyardd good ? for a boy/girl party? we could have a fire, &either cook hotdogs on that, or order pizza, then make smores:) i have a basketball hoop in my yard which would be good for the boys. theres about 20 people im invitingg. :) give or take a few. uhm, soo yeah, leme know if its like mature enough i guess for a 13 year old to have boys n girls. &also, other suggestions of what we could do, pleasee! Oh btw, its in marchh! towards the end of marchh! thankssssss!

oh and im on my older sisters account,lol. :) THANKS!


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Having it outdoors for all of you is a great idea...and the foods you picked go with that theme. For additional fun, get some glow sticks...tape one to a Frisbee to toss around; can even tape some in circles to toss around empty 2 litter soda bottles filled with sand (or kitty litter) to weight them down...can paint white so you can see them.....put point value on each one or something.

Maybe you could even run an outdoor movie.

Here's some cute cupcakes to make "outdoor grilling" type decorations (even tho they say for's also good for hotdog roasts, etc..)>>>…

Or there's fire logs with burning embers>>…

Have a white ball to toss around where you've written questions all over it with permanent marker....fill the ball up really good and ask lots of questions!...toss the ball around while you're hanging out by the fire, and whoever catches it has to answer the question their right thumb is touching...and then they toss it off to someone.

You can always play charades by the fire...doing song titles, famous people you would know, movie titles, books.

Pop lots of popcorn and have the usual chips and dips or nachos...whatever you feel like making.

of course what ever comes to your mind! maybe have some green thing to jazz it up. maybe have a camp fire with those smore at the end of the day.add some of your own taste for your (girl) friends try a comepetition for the boys and or girl with the hoop or any other sport and have a race to see who is fast maybe watch tv and have a platter (big) or candy maybe popcorn and watch movies and get your groove on with some music of your choice Have a dance competition

yeah absolutely, that sounds fun! Have it in the evening so its getting dark. I would order pizza, and do smores when it gets dark. You can decorate the backyard with tiki torches and christmas lights for sparkle, and you can have music playing and stuff too.

OMG GREAT IDEA! I'm 12 and I'm helping my friend do her party too. Boys and girls is good. Just hope your parents say yes! Very our age and fun because my friend is turning 15. Its in our age range :)
answer mine please..

YES good idea XD

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