where should i have a birthday party at btw im 12!?!

Question: Where should i have a birthday party at btw im 12!?
ok soooo im turning 12 soon and i was going to go to a hotel but i decided not to and i need some help.:)PLZZ!


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You can always have a sleepover
bowling party
scavenger hunt at the mall
ice skating
go karts
laser tag
swimming party
dance party
girls night (watch chick flicks, mani-pedi's, guy talk)
movie party and watch tons of movies
themed party (80's, hawaiian, etc)
anything goes!

do the hotel
answer mine please..

your local strip club! haha jk. umm depends on what your hobbies are. i know where i'm from i had my 12th birthday at an Indoor Go-carting place. so its all up to your hobbies

Chucky Cheese

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