I need a birthday party theme?!

Question: I need a birthday party theme?
I am creatively stumped and pressed for time. My birthday party is in February but my mom needs to start getting stuff together to make sure we have everything in place and invitations don't go out late like they did last year and people have a chance to get what they need. Last year, I had a bowling party that everyone had to wear crazy hats to. This year, I'm doing bowling again but I need a theme. Since Mardi Gras is right after my birthday this year, there will be masks out everywhere for you to buy. Maybe a masquerade-ish party? Please help, I am so stressed for this. Thanks a million :)


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maybe dress as someone they know relative or friend

The easiest way to ensure a successful party is to build it around one central theme.

A theme will allow you to integrate all the different elements of the party, it will point you in the right decorating direction, and it will help you plan your activities. Having a theme is essential.

Here are some tips to find Themes for Kids Parties http://www.craft-kits.net/theme-kids-par…

You can have a sporty theme, where everyone has to wear...sport clothes?

Nerd theme?


I like the masquerade theme though :]

Masquerade fashion show! Yaaay!

How about the Sixties when people were Flower Children and Hippies?!!! Or do the Disco years. Or the Eighties with shoulder pads and Big Hair!!!

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