Party theme help, asap?!

Question: Party theme help, asap?
Okay, I'm turning 13 in February, and I am having a HUGE disco. There is around 150 people. I need a theme, one of my friends have done neon, but I want something like black and white, sparkles, celebrity, I don't want hippies or anything to do with the 1900's please help me, I want something cool and you know, teenager stuff. Please help A.S.A.P. thank you xxxx


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you could do a letter theme where everyone comes dressed as something starting with a particular letter eg your name. Other themes could be superheroes, bling bling, supermodels, holywood, dress as your fav singer etc. you could have a mocktail party, or a masquerade ball party. Hope that helps have fun.

How About a Future theme like 2100's xD
Or Electric colors that are bright and Awesome
or Colors?

i think first option is the best..
hope this helped =D

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