15th Birthday Party Ideas. (For A Girl)?!

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas. (For A Girl)?
I am turning 15 on February 16. I want to do something fun for my birthday with a lot of my friends. There's a couple problems though. I have to figure something out that is kind of cheap. And since my birthday is in February and it's cold.... It's probably best that it's inside. Anyone have any unique ideas. Everyone knows of the dance party, and girl parties, and bowling/skating.
So here's some things about me.
I'm a girl, I like almost everything, I'm outgoing and loud, great to get along with. So anyone with ideas or answers.... Here's your chance. :D
Thank you!

Btw: Girls and boys can come.


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All my parties have been really fun and pretty cheap too here are some of my party ideas before:
14: We did go to a mall scavenger hunt but we had a blast because we went to awesome stores like, lush (best scavenger hunt place ever!), bloomingdales, forever21, h&m, and then american eagle. And we bought stuff while we were hunting so yeah best idea ever! btw my parents were in the store but not like looking after us.
15:We got MAC cosmetics to do make overs for us and then each of us bought one thing they put on us and then they slept over my house had dinner made ice cream sundaes yummmmm :)
16: huge party but not cheap so not gonna explain
17: I had a small like get together with my friends because we were going to college. So we had the entire spa experience like massages, nails, saunas everything! And then we watched movies that we really loved over the years.
Hope this helps!

You could do a mall photo scavenger hunt where they have to find things on a list in a mall and take pictures of them, whoever gets the most pictures on the list wins. It's free and fun! Just make sure you call the mall beforehand and ask their permission to take pictures in the stores.

This is what my friend did for her party.

music , decorate ur own tee shirts

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