What to do for my 16th birthday party without using my house or a lot of money?!

Question: What to do for my 16th birthday party without using my house or a lot of money?
Basically we are loosing our house and are trying to get our loan modified so we may or may not be moving near my birthday so we can't use my house. I want to still have a party though with around 50 people of friends and family. Is there any resturaunts or places i can rent out for cheap in sacramento/elk grove, ca?


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Try a public park! That are great to have free parties. all you need are guest and some good food. :)

If you want to go really cheap most parks dont cost much if anything to use. I dont know your area, but you should be able to find somewhere that works. In my area the parks and recs department have a website that lists all the parks here and has photos of them. You'll have to figure out food, but if you go with something cheap or make it a potluck you wont spend almost anything and still have a good time.

Personally I would jus take sone people and go walk through the forest but it's YOUR BIRTHDAY and I wouldn't do that on my birthday ummm do you have s pool or lake near by ... I don't know I don't personally know you

You can go to a park or hire a community centre :)
or you can ask a school if you can hire it :)
Bwahahaa :D

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