what to wear to a party?!

Question: What to wear to a party?
im having my first boy girl party and i need dress, shoe, make-up, and hair ideas. i will probs be a dance party so it has to be comfortable and casual but still really cute and hot! im turning 14 and i go to christian school so it has to be appropriate thank you soooo much!!!


Skinny jeans, boots, a short sleeved fancy-ish top, and straighten your hair and put the front part in a small poof! You can secure this with a couple of bobby pins and some hairspray. For makeup, do something a little different and more dramatic. Put on some dark brown or grayish shimmery eyeshadow on your outer corner/crease and a little lighter shade on your lid. Add some mascara, and a neutral lip gloss and you're good to go!

one of those random-decorations necklaces (they go with almost anything), skinny jeans, and boots, uggs or go-go boots. i have short hair and it pretty much just stays the way it is sometimes with a thin braid down one side or both. for long hair try braid on both sides and tie in back, add decorations if wanted. for makeup, look natural, make your eyes bigger with liner.

skinny jeans, heels and cute top. not too much, but dressy enough and appropriate!:)

wear short skirts with liggins

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