Fondue versus Fountain?!

Question: Fondue versus Fountain?
kay I'm planning a really lush chocolate night for some close friends, and I love the idea of dipping marshmallows, fruit, etc in chocolate...Just not sure whether to go for fondue or fountain. Both have their pros and cons, but I have no experience with either, so I'm looking for advice from someone who has tried one or preferably both!


For the wow factor and amousement of the guests, the fountain is way better.

However for practicality of cleaning up afterwards - the fondue is much easier.

If you want to go for looks and don't care how much effort is involved in cleaning, go for the fountain.

they both do the same thing... keep the chocolate warm.

the fountain is usually used in more of a party and celebratory environment... but if you don't have to rent a fountain and have one available, its more fun.

How many fries are coming over? If it's just a couple friends, do the fondue. If you're planning to invite more than 10 people, do the fountain.

I prefer fountain. Mostly because it looks better and cooler. Amaze your guest with it.

i'd say fondue

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