14th Birthday Party ideas?!

Question: 14th Birthday Party ideas?
my birthday is in the summer .
like the day after july 4 .
and i dont know what to do .
i like having theme partys . so , yeah .
any ideas ?


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do a circus theme. i had one for
my bat mitzvah! throw a lot of candy everywhere, rent carnival games
like, and rent cotton candy, hot dog, snow cone, popcorn machine and get a magician or fire eater or stilt walker. everyone will talk about it:) at my school, people said it was the best bat mitzvah they havr ever been to

clowns scare me and ummm like it depends on what you are like emo/scene would be hello kitty or rocky horror picture show or NINJA TURTLES!!!! preppy idk about preppys i guess ''power puff girls'' and tomboy like scate boards or like avril lavigne

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