How can I make a special bday party for an individual who's going to be 30?!

Question: How can I make a special bday party for an individual who's going to be 30?
My bf is hitting the big 30s, and I want to throw him a surprise bday party. I don't know what I should do for it, but I want it to be special. I just think that is huge when you turn 30. I'm 22 so I've never had a 30 bday party. What did you have at your 30th bday party or what would've you liked to have. Any suggestions?! Thanks!


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it depends on what he likes if he like to drink have tons of beer if he likes to eat have lots of food and brings all of his friends over and just make it a cool theme depending on what he likes

I still have 4 years till my bfs 30th. Mines 9 more lol. Personally I would invite all of our friends. Not any that haven't met each other. It can tend to get awkward. So just invite people who know each other. Then if you are good at baking bake him his favorite cake or pie. If you can't then buy his favorite dessert. If you guys are big partiers like we are a bunch of booze is a must. I would just get the basics like beer and such then ask anyone who doesn't drink those what they would like. Get a bunch of games together that he likes playing and a bunch of party foods and dips.

Went to a salsa club for my friends 30th birthday. People got to try new things as they offer beginners classes just before the actual club starts. Its in central London and very nice. If you book a booth, food is included in that deal so gives your guests something to snack on and can seat down to take a breath or two.

Done it before.

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