Sweet 16 party any idea?!

Question: Sweet 16 party any idea?


Food - go for finger food, people don't want to have to sit down around a table to eat at a 16th party.
Games - Twister's always a good one. Maybe table tennis or pool if you have suitable equipment available.
Band - lucky you! How about Muse, are your parents rich enough lol?
Music - something to dance to but not so loud that people can't talk
Decoration/Theme - well, what do you like? Follow your heart.

food= 50 piece mcnuggets
games = twister , xbox nfl , fifa, nba , zombies matches.
Band = local band in ur area who wants to get known they preform for free
music= hip hop rnb , rock, jazz slow music for slow dance
decoration= easing colos such as blue - white- lime
theme= underwater theme, jersey shore theme =p, car theme, PINK theme , depends on ur type of personality



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