boy and girl teen party ideas? 12-13?!

Question: Boy and girl teen party ideas? 12-13?
ok so im having a party with boys and girls aged between 12-13 , its gonna be a little awkard with mom and dad around..yikes :/ :/ , My house is around 10 mins away from 2 beachs ( FEW PEOPLE IN MY CLASS DISLIKE THE BEACH) amm dont know if everyone is coming ill be inviting around 16 , i cant think of anyhing to do that we will all lke , this is party will be after a water fight ( last day of school we have a water fight) so please as you can see im forward thinking because with around 16 boys and girls coming im gonna need to start thinking now!


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if they don't like the beach, maybe you could have a fire pit/ bon fire at the beach, at night?
a party is a party, no matter what it'll be fun as long as you have enough drinks, cups, food. tell you parents not to hover too much! if your hosting just remember to not let anyone trash your house, but at the same time don't be uptight about everything... be chill! have good music, and maybe a game or something else going on if people get a little bored. just don't have like an entire laid out plan for the party, let things happen as they do.

experience! :)

If it's the last day of school why don't you go to the beach:
you can:
Play Volleyball
Build sandcastles- contests?
Beach games are always fun.
Squirtgun fight

You could also have a mini buffet or a celebration party to celebrate the last day

Have fun :D

when i was twelve i had a party at my house with stations, like pillow decorating, nails, drawing, board games, if u get toilet paper rolls and wrap them and tye them up they make cute goody bags

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