what size table linen should I get for a 6ft round table?!

Question: What size table linen should I get for a 6ft round table?
I am getting married and I have 6ft round tables that I need to get Table Linen for and I want the drop to be half way down, not touching the floor. Does any one know what inches or sizes I need? I need to find out asap.

Thank you for your answers..


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One that is at least 8ft. I presume you mean 6 ft diameter.

Seeing as the tables are 6ft round, you need at least a 6ft cloth.

The height is probably around 3 ft high so let's add on another 2ft all around.

This means you need something like an 8ft square table linen, that's 243cm or about 96 inches.

That will depend on the height of the tables. Find that out and add it to the 6' diameter and that's the size you need. Or ask the people you're getting the tables from - they should know.

96 or 104 inches round

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