i was at this party a few weeks ago?!

Question: I was at this party a few weeks ago?
I was chillen talking to a girl at a party (( I’m now in a relationship with that girl)) that night i almost hooked up with two other girls. they were older than me. I’m 16 they were 19. in the beginning when they brought me back to the one girls room they got me on the bed i started to shake like i was cold or something i was scared as ever for some reason i don’t understand why?..? Because I love partying with girls and all…,,,, but these girls did seem sketchy to me ,; .my friend walked in the room right when we were all about to hookup and he’s like "dude lets go cmon" and we left. .......sortof perfect timing in a way..........i don’t know why I was shaking uncontrollably? i have hooked up with previous girlfriends before and all , nothing new.


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Maybe its because you're a scared virgin? Ya thats most like it.

Vibes. You got bad vibes from them. Or that was your mind's way of telling you that you shouldn't have been there. Good thing you left. Be careful with all those girls, and don't catch mono! =)

Wow, you are only 16 and you are already about to have sex with random girls. Wow, by the time you are 30, you will be a mess. Most girls are not looking for dates or to hook up. The few that are have to be swimming with diseases. Nevertheless, you were nervous because you knew that sex involves a HUGE committment. Are you ready to be a father? Are you ready for the girl to get pregnant and for you to support that child? At 16, I doubt it.

And to the girl below me: condoms fail. And don't you dare call me a moron. Name calling is completely unacceptable, unless you are 10. I do not tolerate that kind of behavior. And maybe you should do your homework, because condoms fail, and those who engage in sexual intercourse accept the risks associated with contraception. Saying the condom failed is no excuse.

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