I need an idea for my 13th bday party?!

Question: I need an idea for my 13th bday party?
ummm its got to be cheap (Like im gonna give a thumbs down to anyone who says hire a DJ) and it will most likely not be co-ed (all my guy friends are alot older than me) me and my friends like fashion and music acting dancing you know the fine artsy stuff and i really need help cause im like stuck and have only got about a month till my bday
Please help ill give you ten points if its a good idea :)


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kk u gotta have a coed party to make it cool ive been to tons ik wht the good ones are like im 14
a dj definately a dj all the parties ive been to this yera and last year had djs and u just have to have tons of ppl and drinks and the party will naturally be good

Hey, I'll tell ya what I did for my 13th and it was a blast. We had a luau, hula skirts, leis, huge watermellon cut in half scooped out and filled with all kinds of fruit, beans with pinapple and brown sugar, yumm, and hot dogs roasted outside over a pit with fire. We played all kinds of games, and had contests, everyone said it was the best party they ever went to. Try it


Sleepover? You can do nails, txt guys, watch movies, put makeup on eachother, do eachothers hair

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