Planning a surprise 50yh party?!

Question: Planning a surprise 50yh party?
My mom is turning 50 in April. My funding is a little short, but I want to make a big deal of it. I'm thinking about putting my dad up to taking her out for an early dinner and just having it at her house. Is that tacky? What should I include to provide for the guests? Who should I invite? Unfortunately her house isn't huge and her family lives 1200 + miles away.


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Just put your dad up to taking her out to dinner and maybe getting her some favorite flowers. I don't really think she needs a "party" at her age. I'm in my 40's and my man taking me out to dinner would be enough. Remind her near and dear about her birthday so they can send birthday wishes.

You sound like a nice person and it's nice you want to take care of your ma.

You don't need to be fancy for the party. Since it's after dinner have snacks for people, like nuts and fruit and chips and drinks. No need to spend a bundle. Have a couple of things you you know your mom likes.

As far as invitees goes ask a friend of your mom's to help you make a guest list. They might have a better idea than you of who she would like to have there, and they might know some friends you aren't aware of.

Have fun and good luck and congratulations to your mom for making the half century mark. Life certainly can be good in the second half!

I think a 50 year party is a good idea, it's kinda like one of their last big parties, right? I regret not giving my mom a 50 party... My aunts had one and they were so much fun cause we had like 3 generatios of family there... my aunt's age friends, here daughters and their age and then the little one, grankids. It was so much fun. Do it!
and not a bad idea, get your dad involved and at her house is fine.
Good luck

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