Birthday Party advice?!

Question: Birthday Party advice?
So I'm turning 17 on sunday. I invited all my friends to come celebrate my birthday with me, but unfortunately I live in a small suburb in Florida D: There's nothing to do here, and when I mean nothing, I mean LITERALLY nothing. We have movie theatres but there aren't any movies I wanna see, and plus I don't think it's a good place to have a party cuz we can't socialize when watching the movie...the other choice would be the mall but it gets too crowded there. We have parks and beaches but I'm not sure what we could do. I'd settle for the beach because it's bigger than the park but it's a little too cold to swim. So what could 17 teenagers do for a birthday party on a beach in January?

p.s. the party can't be at my house cuz my mom doesn't want anything to be broken or damaged...


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1. You could have a beach party with crazy games and stuff and then the brave ones can go swimming if they want.(seriously I live in england and believe me I know what braving a cold sea is like haahah :)
2. You could have a party in your garage or basement or something and then dim the lights and get a strobe light and have a rave and play spin the bottle etc
3. You could have a slumber party...a bit boring but you can't beat a good old slumber party
4. You could wait for a whie until something good comes into the movies :)

you know you can cook shell fish in a pit on the beach. You might have to google that. Music bring a boom box just don't play it so loud people that live out there will complain. How about twister? A campfire and if anyone you has a guitar they can play it. Oh lol hot dogs and smores are easy. Have plenty of soft drinks and water bottles on hand. Ghost stories? I would like that.

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