Please answer if you have ever thrown a big party. Best answer will be chosen.?!

Question: Please answer if you have ever thrown a big party. Best answer will be chosen.?
I just got an idea of throwing a party before state testing begins. I have never thrown a party before and i really want to throw a cool one. I have four friends that i want to share the idea with. I want to have it at a bowling alley, and i want to invite a bunch of people. If my friends and i split the cost by four, about how much do you think we will have to pay? Including the snacks and drinks, renting 1 or two bowling lanes and whatever else i have to buy. I want to invite about 20 people.


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im 14 currently a 9th grader i go to tons of 10 11and some 12 parties
i through a huge party last year bout 200 ppl or so lmao 20 ppl dont say big party then say a small gathering and bowling alley u crack me up may i ask how old u are??/
u gotta have a huge azz party at someones house or your own with snacks and drinks booze if you want

Most bowling alleys go buy game, and that is per person. Like you don't rent the lane, each person just has to pay for their own game and join your lane. If that makes sense. But I would call the bowling alley and ask them what their package/party/group rates are. most businesses will work something out with you if you gauruntee them a certain amount of business. Like a discount or something like that. And they might have a package that includes pizzas. Also, they would probably appreciate the call ahead so you don't just swamp them with ppl all the sudden, and they will have all your stuff ready so you don't have to wait with everyone else.

So I have no idea on cost since it varies from place to place.

yeah some bowling alleys are very expensive.. my friend had 10 people at her bowling party and it was 300$ including pizza and shoes. So it could get expensive. i think you should just go for a dance party with a theme. all you need is great music and a theme.. for example candy themed or black and white or what ever you want

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