how do i get paid to throw parties?!

Question: How do i get paid to throw parties?
Me and a group of friends are trying to start a promotion company. we want to rent a place and throw a party that's open to the public. we came up with a theme for the party already and are looking for a location and DJs. we are going to look into getting a liquor license and insurance as we want this to be as legit as possible. keep in mind we don't want our first party to be our last. has any one done something like this before? what kind of problems did you run into? any tips and advise is welcomed.


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oh wow!!! thats a terrific idea!!!

too bad party planners came up with the same idea decades ago...

I can guarantee you it's not as easy as it sounds. it will cost around $300-$1000 just to rent a venue, $100-$500 to rent sound equipment, more $ to rent a sound guy, more $ to rent a DJ, $200 to print flyers, I could go on. If there's damage to the building you may get sued as you are fully responsible, and insurance won't necessarily win a court case, so don't think having insurance is real protection cause it isn't. If you plan on having people pay at the door, I recommend promoting at least 2-5 months in advance, or else the $500-$2000 you spend on the party will technically go to waste. Your best option is to start very very small. Rent a cheap venue, it won't be high class but it will get your foot in the door. Use cd's instead of a DJ, bring your own strobe lights or black lights etc...This way you will know if throwing parties is really your thing. Just because you're popular doesn't mean 100 or even only 10 people will show up. People have too many things going on in their lives, which makes having a good or amazing party next to impossible. Promotion is #1 for success, but even then doesn't guarantee you a big party. I say go for it but dont spend a fortune as you don't know what to expect. If it's really what you want to do, go to college for Live Production or Event Management etc...Good luck
(I have thrown around 10 parties like this, my biggest was over 800 people, and smallest was around 50).

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