What is a "Jacob's table" party?!

Question: What is a "Jacob's table" party?
1) If a party (in the U.K) is described as a "Jacob's Table" do, does it mean bring some food and/or drink?
2) If it does, how much stuff should you take?
2) Where does the phrase originate, and why?
Thanks for any info.


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Never heard of this one.I,m going to try Google in which case I shall post a reply IF I find an answer.

It seems your explanation is the right one.If there is a party then you take food and share it.What you take is up to you also how much.Just prepare things that you like yourself and take as much or as little as you think fit.Sounds like a good idea to me!

It's when you bring your own food to the party.
It depends on how many people attend.
Not quite sure about the origin.

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