Is it cool to hv a birthday party at chuckey cheese?!

Question: Is it cool to hv a birthday party at chuckey cheese?
Well my friend is having birthday party at chuckey cheese and we live in port Charlotte she thinks it is stupid to hv a birthday out of town do u think it is stupid


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Could be fun!! Have a good time in the arcade!!

answer mine?!

Well usually only kids 9 or younger like birthday party in there but when u grow older it becomes a childish place. As u see in the adds there r only small kids playing around the age of 5-8 or some thing like that. So it depend who u r throwing a birthday party for. There r some small kid who think it is dumb and childish. If u got an Amazing Jake's in your town, that is a great place to hang out for adults and kids. But there r only few in United states

I think its cool to have a party out of town, iv always wanted to have my b-days out of town. And its whatever makes her happy

Hope i helped!!!

Depends on the age group. If you're 12 or younger, it may be cool, if you're older, it's kinda "cheesy" (no pun intended).

it doesnt matter as long as you have fun. pizza is yummy and they have fun games

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