what food should i have at my party?!

Question: What food should i have at my party?
I'm having a 16th birthday party and need to know what kind of food to have there. any ideas?


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mini sanwiches, nachos, hot dogs, easy fun stuff like that.

Above me ^

Totally; barbecues are awesome. I guarantee you most of your friends will love ribs, steak, meat, and even getting messy. Just make sure they're not all vegetarians, okay?

I also suggest sodas, pina coladas, and fruity drinks as well, even though sodas and soup may fit in better with the food.

You should also look for caterers who can cater barbecued food.

Food that's good to eat as leftovers! A Barbecue is usually ideal for this, followed by a massive cake. A few kegs of beer wouldn't go astray too ;)

cake candies cupcakes sweets ice cream mini sandwiches chips ...........

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