Housewarming Party Ideas?!

Question: Housewarming Party Ideas?
My fiance and I just bought a house and we want to have a housewarming party, but we're kind of stumped as to what people actually do at parties. Neither of us drinks much, and that doesn't mean our guests can't, but we want to be able to offer them more in the way of entertainment. We are in our mid twenties and we have friends both older and younger than us. "Party games" seem kind of juvenile. Any ideas?


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I'd make sure you have a good mix of music, nothing that's annoying like rap. If you want your party to be more on the classy side I'd go with lite jazz. I'd get one or two bottle of Berringer White Zinfandel Wine (this is usually cooled) and a red wine (served at room temp). I'd also make sure I had plenty of pop on hand too.

If you like/love cooking, this is your chance to show off a bit. I'd maybe do some swedish meatballs, the typical veggie platter w/spinach dip, lite cucumber finger sandwiches with a touch of either mint or basil. And instead of a platter of cookies or cake, I'd maybe go with chocolate dipped strawberries.

As for games, you're right you don't really need any. Unless you have some friends that maybe like something like Monopoly or Uno or something.

Something my husband and I did several years ago, we actually had an Oscars party. We bought these little cute prizes for people who drew the right name of whomever it was that won say the Best Actor Award, and that person would get to put their hand in the bag and draw out a prize. Just silly little things. The party was actually a lot of fun. Everybody had a blast.

when we had our flat warning party we were early twenties and had twister. That always gets a laugh. I'd bought some pretend guns (from pound shop) for my partner and the boys all went around shooting each other. We were lucky enough to have a garden so had a barbeque. And the boys had water guns too. We had lots of music ready for people to put on and choose from. I would have a pack of cards ready for people to play with. If people do drink but you don't drink you could make a punishment drink (because you don't drink much you are the only ones who knows what goes in it) for when people lose games. (ours ended up with an octopus in oil in it). If you have a games console have that ready. And dvds. I would have a room where people can go out and chill and talk. And i wouldn't underestimate the power of games. They're fun and all the people i know like to play because they like to feel that they're going back to child hood! Congratulations on moving in together and don't worry about it. It'll all come together. Hope you have a good party x

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