i am having a party and i dont know what to pack cuz its my first time hosting it!?!

Question: I am having a party and i dont know what to pack cuz its my first time hosting it!?
i am 13 this is my first party!!


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Does the hotel have a pool? You can have a pool party. Make sure the pool also has benches or tables and chairs for people to sit, relax, or put their personal belongings on. You can play pool games like Marco Polo and have races. Here's a bunch of cool pool games:


Two teams who stand opposite each other with corresponding numbers.


1 5
2 4
3 ball 3
4 2
5 1

Plant the ball in the middle and call a number at random. Each person with that number has to dash to get the ball to get a point for their team. Play ends when a team reaches a certain amount of points or a time limit.


Stand the two teams in lines next to each other. Each front member has a ball. On the command of a "go" each team has to pass the ball over, then under until it reaches the last person - who then swims to the front and starts passing the ball again until all members have been in the front and back in their start position.


The person who's it has to bump everyone else with a ball, either on the head or the body. You can dive underwater to avoid getting tagged.


Divide into two teams. Each team chooses one member who will be their"mannequin".The game is best played across the width (rather than the length) of the pool. On one side is a pile of clothes (Go for maximum laugh value here - colorful football socks, a crazy wig, etc.) Each team lines up on the other side. On the whistle, one member jumps in, swims across and retrieves ONE piece of clothing, swims back with it, gets out of the pool and dresses the mannequin in the item. When each swimmer has had their turn and the mannequin is fully (and now weirdly) dressed, the mannequin swims to the other side. The winning team is the one whose mannequin swims to the other side first.

Or you can play it like this: One side of the pool has two piles of props. The piles are marked with the team color/number/ etc. Give everyone numbers (make sure the teams are equal. You can have as many teams as you want, just make sure if you have 5 teams, 5 piles; 3 teams, 3 piles, you get the idea. If the pool isn't big enough for that, you can have the other teams watch on the sidelines and they will play next.) One person blows a whistle and shouts a number from each team. The people with those numbers have to swim to the side with the crazy props, retrieve ONE piece of clothing, and return to the mannequin who is outside of the pool and dress the mannequin in the item. (By dress, I mean give the mannequin the prop and they will put it on themselves. Refrain from getting things like shirts, pants. Find things like goggles, slippers, bracelets, hats, bandages, Lol jk about the bandages. Basically, get things for easy slip-on and easy slip-off.) Whichever team's mannequin is fully dressed first wins.

For this game, you can give the winning teams prizes, like special party favors, or whatever you want.


Volleyball in the pool. You just have to have a net.

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These are just really fun pool games I've played at pool parties before. If you're not having a pool party or the hotel doesn't have a decent-sized pool, then I guess this answer really doesn't have much for you.

what kind of party? food and drinks are always a good thing. Make sure you have some games... board games or interactive games. You have to make sure you have a place for peoples Jackets and Shoes.

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