18th birthday party ideas&places?!

Question: 18th birthday party ideas&places?
my birthday is in may and i need to start thinking wht can i do. im inviting only my really close friends, so about 5-6 people. i live in chicago but i could go anywhere out of state, any good ideas or experiences. i want to make this night special.

so far i came up with going clubbing, hotel party in downtown (wht are some good hotels), bonfire, cruise on the lake, camping, road trip, movico.. they sound good, but i really want to remember tht weekend


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You should head to Times Square, NYC. It's especially amazing at night--all the TV screens are bright and colorful.

Here's a REALLY FUN place:

But you might want to add a few more people, like 10-15.
It's located at 234 West 42nd Street.

But if you don't want to go to Dave and Busters (which I really suggest you do), there are still a lot of great restaurants in Times Square. Also, since it may be your first time in NYC, you'll have fun shopping and looking around.

Good luck and happy early birthday!

you should go to california or new york

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