!!I Really Really Need Help WIth A Party!!?!

Question: !!I Really Really Need Help WIth A Party!!?
Please Please Please Help n.n ok so important details im 13 and dont go preaching about how young i am or anything cuz i will just disregard your comment i wanna be rebelious soo i wanna throw a great party unfortuanatly there are many flaws in my plan 1) parties cost a lotta $ 2) my parents can't know and my grandma is at the house 24/7 not kidding she stays here all day and night 3) i live in the middle of no where so theres really not a place to party 3) we live in a small town, so idk who could come 4) how could i get the things i need???? lol i know its a long list of problems and im sorry for that but i really really wanna throw this party n.n


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1) parties don't have to cost a lot of money. 2) y can't your parents know unless it is a surprise for them? 3) if u live in the middle of nowhere and it is warm enough the ground isn't covered in snow, u can always use the yard. 4) no guest list. 5) no source of income either?? ok so u have no guest list and no money for chips and dip or soda... do u have a job where u could spend your money and sneak the stuff in or would u have to beg or take the money from mom and dad? seems to me that without guests and money and a place to have a party u will have to serve water and make believe cookies to your dolls in your room. sorry really doesn't look well thought through or planned. your best bet is to tell mom what u want to do and see if u can have school friends over (i am guessing this is a party for u and not your folks. ) unless u r home schooled then if u r, u r out of luck on all ends.

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