Atlanta,Ga 21st Birthday - What to do?!

Question: Atlanta,Ga 21st Birthday - What to do?
Me and a group of girlfriends are getting a hotel room for the night - Need tips on good hotels in the atlanta area. Also looking to go to dinner && drinks before going to the club. Just looking for suggestions on
1. restaurants
2. Hotels
3. Limo / party bus
4. clubs / bars


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get out the old hard back yellow pages and start making phone calls. find a hotel with room service and a pool maybe a hot tub int he room, the rest are listed too. a limo u usually have to rent for a min of 3 hrs so u might want a taxi service instead or somewhere close enough to walk if the weather is good.get a list of questions for the reservations people they may even have a shuttle to the clubs or casinos... if the party is far enough out take the addresses of the places u want to go to and stay and do a drive by make sure the area is not seedy and that u would have a good time and not get mugged or worse. have fun be safe and early happy birthday

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