Why are people against mcDonalds and fast food?!


Why are people against mcDonalds and fast food?

I love McDonalds and always have i eat it 3 times a weak. mainly because it is economical and time saving. You go to a classy restrauant YOU have to make reservations...and the food takes ages... in a fast food joint you come eat n leave any time. and i have head all that it makes u fat... and guess what I am not Fat......why cant people who dont like McDonalds leavit alone. No one is forcing you to eat.. but why are you preventing other people from eating it!!!!!

The answer to your question is very simple. We live in a society of victimhood and no personal responsibility. People don't want to accept responsibility that they choose to go to McDonald's. They ignore the fact that they control their diet and activity level. People that quote the supersize me movie as a "source" are poorly misinformed. That guy basically consumed many many times his daily required # of calories. Guess what people, It doesn't matter if you eat 10,000 calories of french fries or apples. You are going to gain weight. It is simple mathmatics. If you consume more calories than you expend you will gain weight. Also the person in the movie intentionally limited his physical activity to further slow down any expenditure of calories. Hmmm you might ask why would he do that....the simple answer? MONEY. If after 30 days he only gained 10lbs...that's not gonna sell movie tickets.

I don't know. I love McDonalds. When I saw Super Size Me it made me even hungrier for McDonalds.

Watch the movie Super Size Me and you will understand. Its not just McDonalds its all fast food.

1. It's unhealthy.
2. It tastes like dog$hit.
3. It's a greedy, globalist corporation.

cos the media are critics, they wnt even leav poor brit alone!! SHE JUS WANTS 2 BE A MUMMY!!! they get bored so they critisize everything they can... frm celebs to fast foods

yeah... such ppl are retarded! Macs and other fast food rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is FULL of chemicals and fat and things that put pressure on your organs and will eventually kill you if you eat too much of it. It is unhealthy and it is getting into the genes and making a new race of fat lazy people.

Food should be about more than that.

first, Even I am in favor of McDonalds and love the fast food there.

But, too much junk food is hazardous to health.
And let me give you a tip - eating junk food as a routine can be very very hazardous to health (trust me). If you r not fat at the moment don't think that the negative aspects of junk food don't affect you.
Since junk food is high in fats and sugars, it is a leading cause of obesity, dental cavities, increasing cases of Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, etc. They are very low on proteins, vitamins, and fibre. So you don't get enough nutrients either - it would be bad in the long run.
So better amend your habits now itself!
Best of Luck!

I think people are against the claims that McDonald's makes about being "healthy" food. If they were honest, it would not be such a huge problem (look at burger king, they don't claim to be healthy and not many people slam them).

Anything is okay food-wise in moderation. The people against McDonalds want to make sure they tell the truth. McDonald's doesn't leave everyone else alone, they target everyone (have you seen their packaging lately? Exercise buffs and yoga chicks? Come on.)

You are right, it is easy and convenient and if they stuck to marketing it this way, not so many people would have so many complaints against them...

You've given me a definite plan for dinner though. (It took me about 3 months to eat McDonald's again after seeing Supersize Me, but it is totally unrealistic, so I got over it.) "McLibel" could really help you understand the brewhaha over McDonalds though.

have you seen the movie Super Size Me? try having you chlorestral and other blood work done.........I saw it, and I quite eating at those places......now just to down about once a week......not fat either......but my blood work was way out of wack....since i did this six months ago....things are back to what a normal testing should show. And i do feel a lot better.......

I agree, why can't people just live and let live. Some of us enjoy fast food, McDonald's, etc. Some want to mess around with it and us for liking it. I've been eating at McDonald's since one of the original ones was opened in Lake Worth, Fla. in 1957. Love their fries, same today as I loved back then. The hamburgers have gotten a bit bigger and more expensive, but it's all good, wholesome food. I mean, the guy that started McDonald's was a dentist; he must have known something about nutrition. But today there are too many busybodies who want to interfere and too many politicians willing to pass laws to help them. They were successful at turning smoking into practically a crime, and it's criminal what they've done to the cost. Oddly, they don't dare touch booze, which is as detrimental, or more when you consider wrecked lives and homes, than smoking. Something hypocritical about it all, isn't there. With the power they got over banning smoking almost everywhere on earth, they want to use it next on hamburgers. Good grief!

cos we dont know what piece of the animal or what animal is being used to make a big whopping burger

It's always easier to blame other people for your problems instead of admitting that you are the one at fault. You're right no one is forcing you to eat fastfood and it's quite unbelievable that people don't notice that they are gaining weight when they are eating way too much of it. Anything in excess is always bad, everything should be taken in moderation. People should just take charge of their own bodies instead of blaming the big corporations.

Read Morgan Spurlock's book Don't Eat This Book.
Please check your spelling before posting - as in "weak" for week, or is that suposed to be funny?

Read "Fast Food Nation" and you might change your mind.

Who prevents people from eating it? I don't see anyone chaining the doors shut. Many people are against it because it is unhealthy and teaching kids to eat that way can lead them to be obese, get high cholesterol and about 1000 other conditions because of the food there.

They are gaining wait and are blaming it on McDonalds. If it is making them gain wieght why are they eating it? I love McDonald's frys!

I don't know of anyone forcing people not to eat there? A lot of people have stopped because of that movie SuperSize Me. They realize the long term effects of the fat and calories content. McDonalds is doing a good job of providing new healthier foods. Some people may not be as active or have your metabolic greatness... they have to watch out for themselves.

i dont personally like mcdonalds i love burger king

High fat and salt, low nutritional values, but is delicious, cheap & filling.

yeap i love mc donalds and any fast food and used to eat it very often but i watched 'super size me' too and now i eat it much less cuz of wat i seen. u can see how harmful it can b (ok d guy makin the movie was gross cuz no one it goin to eat it 3 times a day everyday) but its still bad. dont eat it as much and wen u go ull enjoy it more

some people are against McDonald's because they say it

gets you fat
its not healthy
2 much isn't good for your body
you can get sick if you get 2 much

if you eat McDonald's well i eat it 2 but maybe once a week or maybe 2 in 2 weeks but don't eat it is all the time because its not healthy

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