Me && my friends are going to throw stuff at this house .?!

Question: Me && my friends are going to throw stuff at this house .?
DO NOT TELL US WE CANT DO THIS IT WONT CHANGE OUR MINDS we just need to know what we can throw OTHER THAN eggs n toilet paper n please answer ASAP (: thanks much love <333


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PLEASE PLEASE NO EGGS!!! They will take the paint off some surfaces. You want to have fun and that's fine but when the home owners have to pay big bucks to have the place repainted, it kinda takes the fun out of it.

Once, my house got "forked." Some really clever teens stuck plastic forks everywhere. We took a picture. It was so funny and didn't harm anything. Wish I still had that picture.

Also water balloons are cool as long as they don't freeze.

Unfortunately, personal experience with having to have a CAR repainted!! It cost over $600!

Eggs is enough

Don't forget to wear hoodies or masks, cuz then they might catch you

Your own feces. You might as well keep it super classy.

no! only eggs and toilet paper. thats IT

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