13th birthday party ideas?!?!?! (Girl)?!

Question: 13th birthday party ideas?!?!?! (Girl)?
I am turning 13 in two months, and I have no clue what to do for my birthday party!!!!!! I will be inviting about 11 girls. I am very girly.
Some things I can't do, since I have done these in the past:
Spa day
50's theme
Mall scavenger hunt

I was thinking of going to Kobe's Japanese Steak house then a move, but I'm afraid it might be a little exspensive.

Any ideas? I would like it to be a sleepover. Thanks in advance!


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Hmm... It all depends on what you like. You could have an Alice in wonderland themed party, with topsey turvey cakes (crooked cakes) and make a wonderland scene out of creative ideas. Or you could have a masquerade party theme. buy some cheap masks and decorations and have all your friends decorate their own. Also have mardi gras beads, feather scarfs, crowns, and anything for masquerade. Here's a website that could give you some ideas on what'd you'd like to do. party411.com Hope I helped some.

Pick a craft and make something everyone could take home. Decorate shirts or have every one bring an old pair of jeans and decorate them. Or do both. Then when you and your friends get together in the future you can wear the outfits you have created.
Also after crafts you and your friends can play pictionary or charades. I have added some web sights to check out which explains both games.
Whatever you decide to do, have fun.


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