whats an awesome idea for a 13 year old birthday party thats not so typical?!

Question: Whats an awesome idea for a 13 year old birthday party thats not so typical?
ok so i am turnin 13 in february and i wanna have a good 1.i dont want 2 have the party like doing hair and painting nails but somethin for us to have fun with.i want this party to be the bomb and rememberable.and if u have any prank ideas,listem 2 cuz like a party cant b a party without pranks lol.


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Well for my 13th birthday, we watched scary movies, and then at the end I got someone to dress up in a scary costume to scare everyone when there was the scary scene lol

do crazy relays involving eating chocolate and carrying a gummy bear on your nose from point a to point b, or rolling around in whipped cream... the crazier the activity, the more memorable. for a prank, leave a bra in a guy you like's mailbox? or maybe that could be a dare in truth or dare...

just have friends over eat pizza watch movies and ding dong ditching .... also set stuff on fire ..... and blow up cupcakes and throw them in the middle of the road .... make youtube videos ... or get a camera and do a photoshoot at 1am

have some mariachis!

so your 12.... GET OFF YAHOO ANSWER !

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