Good Ideas for a 14 year old Birthday party?!

Question: Good Ideas for a 14 year old Birthday party?
My birthday is February 15th (The day after Valentines :)) and any ideas about what I should do? I was thinking about a winter Fiesta Or just go to the movies then Pizza Hut. Any other good Ideas?



dude ur 14 not 5 go hang out do something full of excitement like organise paintball or something they will want to do go to a local theme park u got to take this one to the max u only turn 14 once! on my 14th i went paintball and shet it was fun

not being boring and living life to the max!

take condoms and blow them up like baloons

thats what i did yummmy they smelted good

Pizza Hut sounds Gr8. Good idea.

But maybe just some place nice.

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