Good 13 birthday party idea's?!

Question: Good 13 birthday party idea's?
My birthday isn't till August, But I wanna have like a really good party.
Anyone have any good idea's? It's gonna be at my housee, Boys & Girls.
A maxium of 15 people. So help!


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hi lilah, well if your going to have both boys and girls, you could invite everyone to go see a movie or go bowling, or you can have a costume party, like for example hollywood themed, where everyone dresses up as theier favorite celeb... you could have a dance party with lots of music and food then do a dance contest.. then u could have like american idol and have ppl as judges and have everyone sing... and after the guys go home you could have a really fun sleepover party with your girlfriends -and give eachother mani- pedis, makeovers and stay up all night, then the next morning you could like go on a shopping spree with ur friens at the mall, play different games like truth or dare or whatever u come up with and watch a funny movie like grown-ups. and hey you could always have a bounce house for everyone 2 jump around in (no your not too old for that bcuz i know i still love those lol) ... but yeah you could basically do whatever u come up with... the possibilities are endles.. anyways.... i hope i helped you!! and good luck!!(:

There are plenty of fun things. Have u thought of making a pinyata those are fun to fill with toys and candy.
Am I'm sure u can find more stuff online

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