sweet 16 party ideas- on a budget?!

Question: Sweet 16 party ideas- on a budget?
i'm trying to think of some sweet 16 party ideas that are completely affordable. there will only be one person attending (my bff that lives a while away), so it's kind of small :) i'd like to go do something that i'll remember; not just go to the movies, shopping or bowling. any ideas?


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Since you're on a budget and only one person coming, I suggest you two can have a night out at home- if he/she is available. You can prepare anything (marshmallows fruits etc.) to be dipped in chocolate or any sauce and any juice dyed with food color for a twist. You can also give him/her a gift or anything as a souvenir. And take a lot of pictures. That would be a memorable celebration.

You guys should make a huge painting, using your hands and feet to paint with, then save it and hang it on your wall as a reminder of that day! Its messy, fun, and memorable! You could also do something you have never done for the first time (like, idk, Six Flags' scariest roller coaster, snorkeling, or paintball) with your friend, that way it will be a special day, doing a special event for the first time, with a special friend!

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