Ideas for a 12 year old party ?!

Question: Ideas for a 12 year old party ?
My friend is turning 12 on February 14. But she's celebrating it on february 12 at her house. Since her birthday is on Valentine's Day she's decorating the house with hearts, pink stufff , ect... We don't know if we should add something more (if you want give us ideas (= please ).BTW; she's inviting 8 girls and 3 boys. The thing is we don't know is the activities. What should we do there ? please help .
Thanks !! - TK


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spin the bottle... if they cute, if u got ugly girls there... well i cant help you with that, but try that

Maybe make the theme candy along with pink and red. You will have a lot more activities to do.
-Make homemade gummy bears…
-Watch Willy Wonka
-play games for candy rewards
(such as twister, trivia games about valentines day traditions, trivia about the movie, etc.)
-Rent a fondue fountain
-Make candy pizzas. order pizza, and have a bunch of odd toppings. kids get prizes if they can eat the pizza. (Such as pizza with pixie stick dust, pizza with M&M's, etc.)

not to be lame but pinatas are always a good idea. all the food should have that theme and be pink and red.
try this site……

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