16th birthday party idea's?!

Question: 16th birthday party idea's?
Me and my friends are trying to help plan a party for my sister for her 16th birthday. She really likes to listen to Country Music and has a few friends and relatives coming over. It will be an at home party and I need ideas to help her out. Please don't suggest things like drinking because none of us are into that. Idea's for things we could do at the party would be extremely helpful. Also were on a budget so nothing to expensive please.


Have a Country themed party. It can be simple, yet fun! Have country music playing in the background, Have the guests wear country attire, decorate with cowboy boot cut outs or western style decorations. Play horse shoes, sing karaoke , maybe teach a line dance! Have fun and remember to take pictures and maybe make a memory book after wards!

My own Creative mind

1: Have plenty of soda, plenty
2: Decorate the place with streamers (inexpensive)
3: Write on paper spelling out happy birthday.
4: Music
5: Pictures!!!! have a camera, this is important
6: Video tape it!!!!!
7: Do a "Coin toss" into a buck and have your sister keep all the change.
8: Have board games, ie monopoly, scrabble, playing cards etc

I think as long as there is soda and able to take pictures it's work

foam party... girls in bikinis... the whole experience is fun, i cant help you with that country music idea though, i like rap, hip hop, etc...

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