I need Birthday Party help! PLEASE!!!!!!?!

Question: I need Birthday Party help! PLEASE!!!!!!?
[While you read this, remember that I'm turning 12]

Ok, so my B-Day part is on the 27'th. And It's going to be a Dance/Kareoke party. Fun. I have 1 CD that I know they'll all like. The only prob is, the rest of my CDs I have no idea if they'll like. Also, do you guys have any party games that fit in the theme of acting/music that you can win prizes in? It would help ALOT! Please awnser!!!


Heyya babes,
I'm having a huge birthday party this year - it's a candy theme ;)
At my parties we usually play dares alot (gets funny when people have had too many sweets and fizzy pop ;) ) Depends where you are having it and how many people are coming, but if me and my friends have a sleepover we do talents show type thigns for a joke (Britians got talent/X-Factor or whatever), gets funny, 3/4 people are the judges and the other few do an act.
You could get some cheap toilet roll from the supermarket and give a roll to each person (or if there is too many people let people get into groups of 3/4 and give each group a roll) and they have to use the toilet roll to make an outfit then the "toilet roll model" does a cat walk and the most imaginative/funny are the winning team and get a prize.
Kareoke (can't spell) is always fun anyway and so long as you're with amazing people, it'll be great :D
Have funny and happy 12th!
xoxo Bryonyy

I have loads of parties ;)

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