Any ideas for green and gold snacks?!

Question: Any ideas for green and gold snacks?
Yes, I am a proud Green Bay Packer fan and need ideas for this weekend's playoff game-snacks to take to work.


Savory: Green bell pepper strips and cheese. Also, you can get yellow bell peppers and use green food coloring in ranch dip
Sweet: have to go with the above comment- go to a candy store and get only green and gold skittles or M&Ms

Guacamole and nacho cheese with chips.

Green and yellow stuffed bell peppers.

Cookies with green and yellow M&M's inside.


Celery sticks with ranch.

You could sort out green and yellow M&Ms or Skittles

Yellow cupcakes with green frosting with a gold G on them

wasabi peas and oriental mix (Asian rice crackers)

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