Planning a birthday party for my best friend?!

Question: Planning a birthday party for my best friend?
Sooo I'm planning a birthday party and the theme is candyland. I need some cool ideas on how to decorate or types of food to make that go with the candyland theme. This is an adult party so I need some really creative stuff. I have tried ehow and other websites but usually it's for childrens parties. please help me with some ideas for a candyland party for adults:)


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Definitely go for tissue paper pom poms - they are just the most awesome way to decorate on a budget & still deliver the wow factor. (… ) Try to have cocktails that each candyland character would drink & foods, too. Fill apothecary jars with all kinds of candy, and use styrofoam in jars to stick lollipops in. You can make giant candy from painted styrofoam balls covered in cellophane. Or big painted styrofoam discs placed on a wooden dowell for giant lollipops. Have fun!

I like the idea but I don't think alcohol will be accepted in there, It would be fun, making lo-lies and that but it is for the kids getting high off sugar.

idk if this seems gay or not but maybe you and other people could dress up like the people from candyland? idk just an idea.

? just trying to help.

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