What's a good theme for a 21st birthday party for a girl?!

Question: What's a good theme for a 21st birthday party for a girl?
Any suggestions she is very girly .....what kind of theme should I do ......my sister doesn't want Vegas or anything she just wants a "surprise party"....lol she told me but I guess it's not a surprise anymore...lol...so what should I do??


Something colorful...pink and black white..zebra print....maybe her favorite...Something fairytale but not lil kid princess theme somethig with a twist

I had a USA themed party, and got everyone to dress up. I got a live band to play cover songs, and I made mini cheeseburgers, mini hot dogs, cherry pies, cupcakes, rocky road, nachos, pizza...there was so much, I can't remember the rest! It was awesome though!

You could try having a really glamourous cocktail party, get everyone to wear smart clothes and hand out canapes.

If she wants a surprise, you could organise it just before her birthday, or just after.

If you really want to surprise her, do a kid's theme party for grown ups. Spike the punch. And hand out nerf guns , have a table with modeling clay, There's something really funny about a bunch of slightly tipsy adults trying to play pin the tail on the donkey. We did this for a friend and had the most fun. Just plain goofy stuff like silly string battles. With good snacks.

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