Will this work for my black light party?!

Question: Will this work for my black light party?
Im going to have a black light party that makes white and neon clothes glow, and I was wondering if this type of light would work.
Also, do you have any good ideas to make it a fun party?


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You could get a bunch of Glowsticks and bust them open. Sling them all around your living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Makes everything look totally awesome. And i think it's minimal harm. ;)

Loud music, Lots of Booze ( I don't know how old you are..), Put Breakable items away somewhere safe.

Yeah, it works. Make sure it's a big enough bulb though. Also, try to get some glow in the dark sticks or bracelets. THose are fun.

You could use black light reflective paint and have a painting section of your party too.



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