What should I do for my 16th Birthday?!

Question: What should I do for my 16th Birthday?
1 Rent a Hall, set up a Gaming center, DJ or live music, and catering
2 House Party, Games, Movies and Food
3 Paintball, but we can't really do anything else up there (it's quite Isolated)
4 Hotel Party, swimming pool, video games
5 Stay at a Cabin in the Mountains
6 Dinner at a fancy restaurant, with family
My parents said that they would be able to cover that first one which is a really big budget, so money i think we got it. I would like to have a good amount of my friends at my party (5 or more) plus girls. Any Ideas would be appreciated or you could just tweak mine. I live in Hawaii so a beach party at a pavilion is possible. If I do the Cabin one could you guys tell me what i could do there such as things to do while there? Yes I am a guy. I would really like to make it fun and have a good amount of people.
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5 sounds the funnest to me bring your guns and quad if u have one and u can play some paintball if u bring some Friends.maby fish if theres a lake.

I guess it depends on your taste and what you and your friends consider fun. Personally I think if I lived in Hawaii already, the pool/beach type parties would be kind of lackluster. Do you go to a lot of those type of parties? ... The cabin in the mountains idea sounds like a nice break from the norm. Depending on where you go and when it is, you may be able to ski or go white water rafting, go caving, cliff dive, go tubing.

Id say number 2. house partys are always fun and ive always loved them. People always seem to have lots of fun at house partys!

Organise a home party,call all your best buddies and enjoy..

I'll rate them...
1: 6/10 That would be fun for everyone, but after awhile you'd get a little bored
2: 6/10 Fun, but it sounds more like just some people hanging out, not the best birthday of your life
3: 3/10 Maybe fun for some very athletic guys, but the girls won't like it
4: 7/10 That sounds REALLY fun, but that would cost a lot for all the rooms, and did your parents go along with that idea? Lol. Maybe no girls...
5: 8/10 EXTREMELY FUN, but even though money's no problem, it's still a lot
6: 0/10 BORING!!! Maybe if you could bring some friends with you, but you don't want to spend your 16th birthday sitting in a boring resturaunt with your parents... lol.


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