Ideas for a 14th birthday party?!

Question: Ideas for a 14th birthday party?
I'm turning 14 and I'm gonna have a party. I have kinda high expectations, I've rented limos and hotels before...

I don't really wanna have a hotel slumber party again...

My mom doesn't want me to have it at the house, because she doesn't want us to wreck it...

I kinda want to invite guys, but I don't really want my dad to find out, he's overprotective and my brother didn't have girls to his parties until he turned 18...

I don't want lame suggestions like laser tag or bowling...

And it's in March


Good luck getting answers. And obviously your family has no issue with money.
Try renting a teenage dance club?

Kids shouldn't be celebrating birthdays, they should be working & studying.

Playing doesn't do any good. Kids should work in their free time.

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