i want to have a Tangled birthday party?!

Question: I want to have a Tangled birthday party?
see, its almost my 16th birthday, and i really want to have a great 16th B-Day. i've been thinking i can have a really cool themed party from a movie or something. so i decided since my favorite Princess is Rapunzel, i really want a Tangled-themed Birthday. i just need to know if anyone has idea's on what i should have at my party. i plan on buying a Rapunzel dress, just as soon as i find one that doesn't look too fake and Halloweenish. i would love to have me and my boyfriend be Flynn and Rapunzel, and to have a really cute themed birthday cake, i think maybe the magic flower on it or Pascal. i would LOVE that! tell me your opinions and ideas so i can have the BEST birthday ever!!!!


Well firstly, Happy Birthday when it comes!! :)

Off the top of my head..
-For decorations you can get/make paper lanterns (or have everyone make some and hang them up)
-You can play the soundtrack/movie for the guests.
-If you're having dinner you can make spaghetti ;-) Haha (for her hair)
-You can make pictures of all the guests on "wanted" paper and hang them up.
-Pin the tail on Maximus.
-You can make some kind of game like memory or a fun trivia quiz also.
-They sell little "pascals" that you can get as party favors here..

Hope this helped a little bit or at least got the brainstorming going ;-) Best of luck!!

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