I need help with a problem for my dance party...?!

Question: I need help with a problem for my dance party...?
So I'm hosting a dance party in my backyard.There are around 50 people coming.My backyard is only grass and the kind that all people are allergic to because it makes you itchy.I need like a dance floor but i wanna do it in my back yard. What do I do? How do I rent a platform or like a dance floor? Thanks (:


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You can rent floors for tents at any place they rent tents for parties and weddings. Never mind the tent just rent the floor

Ok so here's what you do. You have someone with a pickup truck go to the local lumber yard with you. Then, you purchase about 6 sheets of the thickest plywood you can find. Lay them out in the grassy area where you want to create the dancefloor. (NOTE: Make sure that the grassy surface is as level as possible so everything will lay very flat.) Next, have someone help you connect them all together with door hinges and screws. Mind you this is a very simple approach to your problem. This worked well for a backyard BBQ that my band played.

I can't quite get your query. Can you describe with more details? Thanks much.

Figuring it out.

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